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Ustadh Noorud-Deen Rashid


Ustadh Noorud-Deen Rashid

Ustadh Noorud-Deen graduated from Middlesex University with a joint BA Hons Degree in Accounting and Finance with Business Economics. He later completed a PGCE at Warwick University and taught for a number of years at Luton SFC whilst continuing his Islamic education on a part time basis.

In 2007 Noor-Udeen was blessed with the opportunity to travel abroad and study with some of the leading scholars of Syria, amongst them: Shaykh Samir Al-Nass, Shaykh Mazin Bakeer, Shaykh Rashad Shams and Shaykh Mojeer Al Khateeb.He followed a broad curriculum paying special attention to Fiqh (jurisprudence)and Seerah (prophetic biography). Noor-Udeen has been involved in Dawa and teaching the Islamic sciences for over 10 years and is a founding member of the Shifa trust in Banbury.